While achieving the goals of academic results, communicative spirit and capability of the children, adequate care is taken to ensure that the children keep their linkage with the local community around them and contribute their help for furthering values in the neighboring communities. Our Vidyalaya is undertaking several community programs like eradication of literacy, adoption of village for awareness program of health, malnutrition, HIV Aids etc.

The children feel homely in their concerned houses, facilitated with all essential infrastructures provided by the Samiti and in the congenial atmosphere created by the staff members.

As the children are expected to learn living habits with self sufficiency, discipline, dignity of labour and sharing attitude, their living accommodation is therefore induced the right atmosphere besides providing natural light, ventilation, physical and visual spaciousness. For the better and smooth facilitation of routine, girls are having separate dormitories. Teachers have been appointed as the House Masters to look after the boys and House Mistresses for the girls. Under the parental guidance of these House Masters and Mistresses, the young children are inculcated various virtues to advance in life.


The house system of the Vidyalaya functions as an effective instrument for the development of the personality of the students. It furthers team spirit, by involving students in varieties of co – curricular and extra curricular activities. The inter house competitions, organizational responsibilities, games, sports and art in education activities help students to
grow themselves into competent and self – confident individuals. Teachers who stay in residences provide teaching help to the children after class hours through remedial teaching sessions.



Being residential school proper mess arrangement is of great importance in our Vidyalaya. The mess of the Vidyalaya has a capacity for about 200 students to dine at a time.

It is run by the Vidyalaya itself under the overall directions of the Principal, Vice-Principal/ Senior Most Teacher as the Mess In charge. The Catering Assistant of the Vidyalaya puts forward his services in cooking and supervising the preparation of the meal.
The children enjoy healthy and nutritious meal 2 times (lunch & dinner) along with breakfast (as per scheduled mess menu) and refreshments (fruits, biscuits and milk with bourn vita) before games every day. We have installed a color T.V. with D.T.H. facility with a view to update the knowledge of the children and provide them entertainment. We have arranged a sound system (record player & loudspeaker) to play on light Bhajans and other Bhakti songs at the break of day to make the beginning of the day pleasant and devout one.
Our students are following the valuable ancient Indian culture of chanting Bhojan Mantra before taking meals in the peaceful and delightful atmosphere. The children have their House Masters and Mistresses with them during meal.